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Welcome to KerBoo

KerBoo, a 3M tapes and adhesives supplier based in the UK At KerBoo we aim to help you find 3M products at the best prices anywhere in the UK. You can search for products easily by their number or their description or you can browse through the product catalogue to see the whole range. 3M are known for being the highest quality brand worldwide for tapes and adhesives with operations in most regions across the globe. We have been advocates of their products for many years and still believe that they lead the way for innovation and reliability for industrial customers.

Genuine 3M products but cheaper

KerBoo aim to supply you the exact product you buy now but at a much cheaper price. We operate as an online business only so can strip away all the costs associated with a traditional business and pass those savings on to you directly. Most of the companies that compete with KerBoo maintain an expensive warehouse and physical sales office and field sales people. Whilst this is ideal for you when you need help in initially choosing a product to buy, once that product is selected most clients want to get the product in the most efficient and cost effective way possible. That does not include paying to have a visit once a month from the salesman. Buying from us should not prevent you from getting good advice on what product is best for you, we can either answer your questions via email or we can put you in contact with the experienced technical representative at 3M who will be the best possible person to help you decide on the correct product for your application or circumstances.

3M UK head office in Bracknell.


KerBoo is based in the UK and we only supply products sourced from 3M UK. You can be sure that if you are buying products at the moment from 3M UK that any product you buy from KerBoo will be the same as the one you buy now, same source exactly. We get regular deliveries from the Bedford distribution warehouse direct to our distribution facility and then out to our customers. We do not buy any of our products from 3M locations outside the UK and we do not supply any product that is ‘equivalent’ to the 3M product, its all UK sourced genuine 3M product. If you are buying from a 3M UK distributor now you can have confidence that any product bought from KerBoo will be the same product as you currently source from that supplier.

3M Tapes and Adhesives

Currently KerBoo concentrates on supplying products from the 3M tapes and adhesives range, products you know and love like VHB, ATG, EPX and Dual-Lock. KerBoo also has access to the full range of 3M abrasives and OH&ES products if required.

Please use the navigation above to find the product that you need or feel free to get in contact should you need any help finding what you need.